Amazing Orchards

Suggested Resources

Challenge at Home:

  • Find an orchard near you and check out their recipes.
  • Try this baked apple recipe
  • Lots of apple based recipes here. 
  • Try printing with apples
  • Can you peel an apple in one piece? Why not have a family challenge to see who can create the longest piece of apple peel from a single apple, for the adults it has to be one piece for the children it can be several pieces combined.
  • Have a go at apple bobbing but do take care and supervise young children carefully.
  • Try tasting different types of apple. 

Challenge at School:

  •  If you can’t find an accessible orchard, many of the ideas could also be completed in a woodland area. Most of these KS2 activities can be adapted to match KS1 curriculum objectives.
  • Practical activities are linked to Science, English, Maths, History, Geography, Art and Design and Design Technology. 
  • Also take a look at Countryside Classroom and School Gardening.
  • Apples and Orchards. The Learning pages on this partner organisation ‘The apples and orchards project’ has more lesson plans and details of how you can order fruit trees for you school)  
  • Find details of free orchard and hedgerow packs to plant in school. Register now for the Winter 2021/ Spring 2022 season.
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