George Freeman: Norfolk – A county of Science and Innovation

Suggested Resources

Challenge at Home

  • Create your own DNA from tomatoes
  • Visit the Norfolk Enterprise Festival
  • Pledge as a family to make some changes in your habits to be a “greener” household – there are lots of ideas here
  • Look at The Norfolk Way website
  • Talk about what careers your children might be interested in. For those in Y8 and above, this site is great.

Challenge at School

  • What is the A11 corridor? How has it changed over the last few years?
  • Find out more about the drought and disease resistant crops
  • Find out about digital health technology – what would you create?
  • How is climate change affecting Norfolk?
  • Investigate careers in the areas George Freeman is trying to develop in Norfolk: agriculture and food, healthcare and medicine, transport and mobility, the arts, the digital economy and digital media, tourism and sectors linking these together.
  • Debate as class tutor group what you would like to make a cleaner, healthier and prosperous Norfolk and email your ideas to

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