John Paston of Norfolk

Suggested Resources

Challenge at Home

  • Upcycle old clothes and use your imagination to dress up in the style of a historical period you are interested in.
  • Does your family have any letters, diaries or photographs from the past that you can explore? What do they tell you?
  • Do you have a family archive for later in life when someone wants to create your family tree?
  • Write a letter to you in 20 years tie to explain what life was like during the Covid lockdown.
  • Is there a site of a ruined castle near you?
  • Investigate the history of a local street, building or place. Many Tourist Information centres, museums and libraries have lots of information to help you.

Challenge at School

  • Examine all the resources on the Paston website.
  • See how many Norfolk places you can list with a Paston connection.
  • Do you think letters are a reliable record of the past?
  • What other families have influenced Norfolk’s history over the years?
  • Find out about Norfolk castles
  • Investigate the school archives – many schools have their old log books.
  • Create a local walk based on the history of your area to share with your community.

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