St Julian’s Church, Norwich

St Julian’s is one of the oldest churches in the city of Norwich.  It houses the Shrine of the great 14th century mystic Julian of Norwich

Suggested Resources

Challenge at Home

  • Find out the name of churches near you and see how many different names you can find. What is the story behind the saint they are dedicated to? 
  • Explore a church local to you.
  • Lots more inspiring ideas to do here

Challenge at School

  • Who would you argue are inspiring women either from the past or present?
  • “All shall be well” was Julian of Norwich’s famous phrase, what phrases make you think of other well-known people?
  • Explore how Norfolk has been affected by illness over the centuries.
  • Find out more about Julian of Norwich with these 6 in-depth videos (KS3/4/5)

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