The Norfolk Turnippe Song

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Challenges at Home:

Challenges at School:

  • Learn to sing the song and adapt it to create your own version. 
  • Use tuned and untuned percussion instruments to accompany your singing.
  • Try some of the other Norfolk Songs from the Singing Histories project.
  • The reputation of Norfolk for turnips dates from the time of ‘Turnip’ of Rainham (1674 – 1738) who introduced the cultivation of turnips on a large scale, and devoted himself to the improvement of agriculture. Explore other foods that Norfolk is famous for. 
  • Find out about the history of the turnip, from Roman to current times.
  • Explore vegetables that have recently been developed eg kalettes and caulishoots. Design your own veg!

The Norfolk Turnippe Lyrics


The Norfolk Turnippe Lyrics & Chords


The Norfolk Turnippe Backing Track

The Norfolk Turnippe Instrumental Backing Track

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