Wonderful Wildlife in Norfolk – The RSPB

Activities, resources and opportunities from the RSPB to support your teaching and help inspire pupils to experience and learn about nature at school.


Suggested Resources

Challenge at Home

  • Make an origami paper bird.
  • Find an RSPB nature reserve near you.
  • If you have a garden think about how to make it wildlife friendly.
  • If you live in a town, find out where a local park is that you can visit and explore or get to know a local tree and see what insects and animals visit it.

Challenge at School

  • RSPB have produced lots of resources for in the classroom and outdoor learning. Download their curriculum-linked resources to use in your school grounds.
  • Think about how animals have adapted to their surroundings.
  • Compare and contrast these three environments. Think about the food chain in each setting, sustainability and the impact of humans.
  • How have these animals been used in Folklore?

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