Working in a Zoo

Suggested Resources

Challenges at Home:

  • When you visit an attraction, think about all the different jobs that are available.
  • Consider volunteering to build up experience on your CV.
  • Visit a zoo or wildlife park.
  • Design an obstacle course/something fun for a pet at home. 
  • Face paint zoo animals.
  • Invent an enrichment toy for your pet.

Challenges at School:

  • Debate whether zoos are ethical.
  • Investigate careers in zoos.
  • Find out about the history of zoos.
  • Learn more about the animals in Banham Zoo.
  • Design an enclosure for a zoo animal. Think about the animal’s natural habitat and how you can recreate this. 
  • Links to Maths – use weighing scales, practise making estimates and reading decimal places.
  • Send an email to the zoo to ask some questions (remember email safety)
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