From Winterton to Happisburgh – Coastal Erosion

Suggested Resources

Challenges at Home:

  • Create a new natural environment in your garden or home.
  • Primary school and pre-school children will enjoy making their own dunes at home.
  • Find out more about dunes.
  • Walk some of the Norfolk Coastal Path or explore some of the circular routes around the villages in the film.
  • Look at for terns when you are at the beach.

Challenges at School:

RNLI – Beach Safety

RNLI – Education Resources

Teach young people how to be safe near and in the water – and what to do if anything ever goes wrong. Free downloadable learning resources for water safety workshops and more.

Photo: RNLI/Harrison Batesss

Horsey Seals

Suggested Resources

Challenge at Home

Challenge at School

  • Science: Look at adaptation across the animal kingdom.
  • Why do the seals have so much body fat? Try some experiments linked to insulation.
  • How long do other animals look after their young for?
  • Food chain – where would the seal be?
  • English: Create a warning poster to remind visitors to the beach of how to behave.
  • Explore collective nouns and names of other animals and their young
  • Art: Create your own beach scene with a seal and its pup. Think about how you can add texture. You could add sand to your paint to make it more realistic.