From Winterton to Happisburgh – Coastal Erosion

Suggested Resources

Challenges at Home:

  • Create a new natural environment in your garden or home.
  • Primary school and pre-school children will enjoy making their own dunes at home.
  • Find out more about dunes.
  • Walk some of the Norfolk Coastal Path or explore some of the circular routes around the villages in the film.
  • Look at for terns when you are at the beach.

Challenges at School:

Captain Manby

Suggested Resources

Challenge at Home:

  • Do you have a museum local to you to visit? Many museums offer online visits currently.
  • What would you like to be invented to help you in the home? 
  • Look for blue plaques in Norfolk
  • Make your own breeches buoy to rescue your lego people/soft toys

Challenge at School: