Piers Poem

Suggested Resources

Challenge at Home

  • Explore other poems about Norfolk.
  • Take a notebook out and about with you and jot down ideas to help you to write your own poetry, or write a poem as a family.
  • Or even write in the sand.

Challenge at School

  • Discuss the poems – have you ever felt like Piers or witnessed the things he describes in the second poem?
  • Magpie some of Piers’ ideas and phrases to build your own class or group poem about Norfolk or your local area.
  • Ideas to support teaching poetry.
  • Watch this video alongside “We are one” and explore the themes of “welcome” and “migration”.
  • Use drama to support children and young people know how to stand up against racism.

Norfolk Welcomes the World

A Day of Welcome is a day of solidarity and learning in schools that aims to build a culture of welcome and understanding for refugees and asylum seekers.
E: info@norfolksos.co.uk  w: www.norfolksos.co.uk

About the Project

Who is it for?

A Day of Welcome is an opportunity for schools to engage with issues relating to refugee migration, and to understand what it means to be seeking sanctuary. Schools can register to receive exclusive access to resources, suitable for their age group. If you are based in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire or Essex there are also additional materials available which explore refugee histories in your county.

What does it involve?

There is no fixed template for how A Day of Welcome should operate. You can pick and choose what fits your situation from the resources and recommendations that you will receive. It is designed to be a focal point for children and young people to be involved with Refugee Week 2021 (14-20th June).

Exploring Diversity and Inclusion

Faith at Home is a national campaign that builds on the work of Growing Faith and Everyday Faith to support the faith development and pastoral care of children and young people.


Suggested Resources

Challenge at Home

  • Visit your local cemetery to explore your local history. There are lots of ideas on the activity pack here 
  • Explore your own family history.  Learn more about your own family tree; make a family memory book or box. 

Challenge at School

During the Covid lockdown in 2021, the Senior Student Leadership Team from Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston were invited to support, along with 3 other CofE Secondary Schools, discussions around the shaping of ‘A vision for the Church of England in the 2020s’, chaired by Andy Wolfe and the Bishop of Durham. Following this, they were invited to contribute to the Faith at Home series and I am delighted to share with you the Secondary Resource that was published in March 2021.

Everyone in St Benet’s (Diocese of Norwich) Multi Academy Trust is incredibly proud of the involvement of these young people but also for the outstanding work they have done. We think you will find some of the views they discuss rightly, very challenging. As Rob Connelly (The Headteacher) put it,

“I am sure you can imagine, to see ASHS students feature and more importantly to hear the messages that they communicate with such passion and confidence fills me with pride. But I must extend my thanks to our Deputy Head, Lucy Smith, for coordinating this at a time when children were working from home and turning this around within 48hrs!”

We are grateful to Rob Connelly at ASHS and to Jonathan Baker at St Peter’s Exeter who gave permission to use this video.