Tanyalee Davis: Being an Unstoppable Me

Tanyalee Davis is a 3 foot 6 inch standup comedian who inspires, enlightens, and entertains her audiences while headlining at comedy clubs, colleges, and comedy festivals throughout North America, the UK, and other parts of the world.


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Tanyalee Davis is part of a charity dedicated to the eradication of bullying in schools.

Through their educational programme they teach young people and those associated with them, about self-worth, equality, diversity and the importance of human rights, so they learn to foster inclusion, avoid prejudice and celebrate rather than ridicule differences.

See their website for a range of videos and resources for us in and out of the classroom.

Norwich City Football Club & Inspiring Norfolk

Norwich City Football Club: www.canaries.co.uk

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Challenge at Home

  • Talk about your aspirations
  • If your family is new to Norfolk, how do you feel welcomed?
  • How is Norfolk different to other counties?
  • What is your family history?
  • Keep up with the club’s news
  • How do you decide which sports team you will support?

Challenge at School

  • Can you map where all the players originate from?
  • What makes a place feel home?
  • Take up the writing challenge from the club’s players!
  • Find out about the Community Sports Foundation