The Horstead Centre – Outdoor Learning and Charcoal Making

Suggested Resources

Challenges at Home:

Activity 1: Creating a Fantasy Forest Creature

  •  Could you create another type of creature who lives in the forest?
  •  Could you label the features of your creature e.g. curly horns, a long beard?
  • You might want to invent a name for your creature: this could be its type e.g. centaur or its actual name e.g. Desador.

Activity 2: The Book of Crimes

  • Gather the resources needed for this activity (slides 20-25)
  • Make your paper look ancient– adults will need to help with this!
  • Tear small pieces from the sides of the paper to make it look even older. Use your fingernail to make small tears or holes in other parts of the paper.
  • Using your stained paper create and write the names of the mountain creatures, the crime they committed and the length of time they were sent into exile.
  • When back in school make The Book of Crimes out of everyone’s pages.

Activity 3: A Magical Tree

  • Have a think about some of the trees that you have seen. Could they be magical?
  • Could you try to draw a magical tree?
  • Think about the features the tree has and what makes it different from the other magical trees in the story.
  • Around the tree make a note of the magical powers this tree possesses.
  • Only the older and wiser creatures know where these trees are, who in the forest knows about your particular tree?

Activity 4: The Forest Warden’s Job

  •  Imagine you’re a forest warden.
  • What kind of jobs might you be doing from day to day?
  • You could make a list, so you don’t forget all the jobs that as a forest warden you need to do.
  • When your list is finished you can get up and start to move about the room. Then move to other rooms in your house, acting out the various jobs you have listed.
  • You might decide to hold an imaginary net and start fishing the rubbish out of an imaginary river.
  • If it’s a dry day, pop on your coat and wellies and continue your pretend woodland conservation outside. If there are lots to still do take your adult with you!

Challenges at School:

Episode 1: Strange Creatures

Episode 2: The Mountain

  • Look carefully at the image of the mountain on slide 14.
  • What features do you notice?
  • How is it different is the mountain landscape from the pictures of the forest in Episode 1?
  • What dangers do you think might lie on the mountain?
  • Using a spider diagram use as many words as you can to describe what you see and feel about the mountain in Episode 2.

Episode Three: The Magical Tree

Episode Four: The Forest Wardens