YSA Juniors

For KS2/3 Pupils

“Do you think like a scientist? Because if you like to ask questions, listen to others, notice changes or simply let your mind wonder… then you already are! Science isn’t just a classroom subject, it’s a way of exploring and understanding the world you live in and YSA Juniors is your perfect companion on this adventure! 

Think of YSA Juniors like a curiosity diary. Go out and discover something new, ask lots of questions, have a go yourself and share your findings with a friend! Soon you’ll have an activity sheet full of stickers to celebrate everything you’ve learnt and a brain bursting with ideas! Have fun and who knows what you’ll discover next!” 

Maddie Moate 

YSA Patron, broadcaster and presenter of CBeebies ‘Do You Know?’ 

The Conscious Consumers


The Conscious Consumers project enables young people to explore topical issues that span the boundaries of agriculture, food and society. Focussing on three topics (plant-based diets, food miles and personalised nutrition) use the resources to consider what it means to be a conscious consumer and think about how the choices we make everyday impact on the environment and our wellbeing.

Who is it for?
This project is open to independent learners and schools and we invite young people aged 13 – 19 and teachers to download the PowerPoint presentations and activity documents for free. While the resources were made with year 9 PSHE students in mind, we feel the project is of general interest to young people and in a school setting, would make a valuable addition to several areas of the curriculum.

The Conscious Consumers project was only made possible with funding from the Chadacre Agricultural Trust and by working in partnership with some of our supporters. We joined forces with the Science, Art and Writing (SAW) Trust,the Youth STEMM Award (YSA) and Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF) Education. We are very grateful to all involved!