Create a Soundscape

Find out how to make a soundscape at home with Norfolk Music Hub. For this activity you will need access to a free app called “Soundtrap” on a device. If you are under 14 do get permission from an adult to do this before you start. 

For more ideas and information about Norfolk music hub.

Suggested Resources

Challenges at Home

  • Can you create a family soundscape using all your voices?
  • What sounds are particular to your home to give you a sense of place?
  • Make a soundscape inspired by your local area to send to an older sibling or a family member who hasn’t been home recently to remind them of what home sounds like.
  • Listen to soundscapes made by others – can you guess the place?
  • No technology? Create a body soundscape to accompany your favourite book, “We’re going on a bear hunt” is a good starter for young children.

Challenges at School

  • Use your current school topic / class read as an idea for a starting point and create a group soundtrack.
  • What is your favourite place in Norfolk? Create a soundtrack to remind you of what it feels like to be there.
  • There are lots of ideas for listening and creating music for 7-14 year olds on BBC Ten Pieces.
  • Listen to the sound of a Norfolk wood from the British Library.

How Kettle Chips are Made

We follow the journey from farm to factory and from potato to packet and get a behind the scenes look at how Kettle Chips make their famous crisps in Norwich.

Suggested Resources

Things to do at home

  • Talk about where food comes from. Try to use local ingredients to create a meal that everyone will enjoy.
  • Try new and interesting flavours of crisps – have a family taste off – can you name the brand/flavour?
  • Grow your own potatoes in a bucket. 
  • Get stencilling with potatoes to design your own wrapping paper/cards 

Things to do at school