On a Shoestring

Exploring design and upcycling

Milly J Shoes is the UK wide winner for the Luxury Travel Guide Awards for Wedding Specialist – Shoe Store of the Year 2019-2020


Suggested Resources

Challenge at Home

  • Upcycle your own shoes and send a picture of it to #inspiringnorfolk and #millyshoes
  • What other clothing/objects could you upcycle? Have a go at tie-dying an old sheet or T-shirt 
  • Think about donating your old shoes if you have just outgrown them and they could be used by someone else 
  • Find out about the history of shoes at the Bridewell Museum in Norwich

Challenge at School

Milly Jupp FRSA

Founder of Norfolk Talks 
Named one of Norfolk’s 100 most inspiring women!
Current Finalist for Family Business of the Year Awards 2021 
Previous Footwear Designer of the Year Winner – Footwear Industry Awards Clarks and The British Footwear Association
Winner of the Prime Minister endorsed, Precious Award for Outstanding Woman in the Creative Industries – The British Library